Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Affordable Giant Speed Stack

Affordable?? Ooooooh yeeees!!
I have recently been looking for some NEW activities for our centers (centers are where our kids hangout before service begins). Our current centers have video games, chess, checkers, tic tac toe, Jumbo UNO cards, a coloring station, 4 square and a basketball arcade.

As I was searching through Amazon, I ran into a very nice set of JUMBO Speed Stacks. They were BEAUTIFUL. But! really expensive for my budget. So.... I decided to get creative and do some more research of my own.


(Height: 11 "   Diameter: 11 ")

Can I say something?
I LOVE Ikea!! Ikea is a goldmine for Kids Pastors.

People!! These buckets are under $1 each.   
Let's do the math. 
24 buckets X $1 = $24.
Te alabo Señor! (Spanish for "I Praise You Lord")
This is most definitely affordable.

As I look right now on Amazon, Speed Stack Jumbo (set of 3) will cost you $199.99.
Sure you wont have the nice looking logo or nice color but it truly beats the price.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a stack for you kids church and go crazy with them.
I know my kids love it.

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

GAME: Hot Lava

Check out this NEW relay race game we played in kids church. We called it "Hot Lava". Point of the game is to get from Point A to Point B and back to Point A while only stepping on floor mats. We divided kids into 2 teams to go against each other. We picked 4-5 kids per team. So, 1 kid starts off with 2 mats and when we say GO, they will start off stepping on their individual mats. If they slip off their mat, they will have to pick up their mats and start over again. Once they complete their objective, the next kid goes next and does the same thing. First team to finish, WINS.

Check the video below to understand the game a little bit better.

What you will need for this game
Foam Flooring (Kmart sells this for $14 for a set of 6)
Painters Tape (For Point A & Point B)