Wednesday, February 22, 2017

GAME: Hot Lava

Check out this NEW relay race game we played in kids church. We called it "Hot Lava". Point of the game is to get from Point A to Point B and back to Point A while only stepping on floor mats. We divided kids into 2 teams to go against each other. We picked 4-5 kids per team. So, 1 kid starts off with 2 mats and when we say GO, they will start off stepping on their individual mats. If they slip off their mat, they will have to pick up their mats and start over again. Once they complete their objective, the next kid goes next and does the same thing. First team to finish, WINS.

Check the video below to understand the game a little bit better.

What you will need for this game
Foam Flooring (Kmart sells this for $14 for a set of 6)
Painters Tape (For Point A & Point B)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Daniel and the Lions Den Bible Story Idea

What's going on everyone?? Hope you doing good. I just wanted to share an idea I had when I was talking about Daniel and the Lions Den to my kids in kids church. We have a segment that is called "Ghetto Bible Theater" in which I pick random children to act out certain characters from our bible story. Here is what I used as props and costumes for this particular story.

Daniel - Bible Character Robe
King Darius - Crown and King Robe
Lions - Disney's Lion Guard Mask (found at Party City or
Den - Dog Pen
Guard/Snitch - Bible Character Robe
Angel - White Robe, Wings and Halo

Below are more pictures of our story

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Smores Sunday


I love having BIG SUNDAY's! We all know that Sunday's are a BIG DEAL and we want to make sure our kids won't forget a single one. We've had Jersey Sunday, Hawaiian Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday and more. But it hit me one day. Why not make SMORES on a Sunday??? My wife was not a BIG FAN of it. But hey! It's only once a year. So.... how did it turn out? How did you make them? Where did you get the fire? Well, the answers you are looking for are below with a shopping list.

-Bags of SQUARE Marshmallows (Walmart)
-Bags of Hershey Chocolate
-Graham Crackers
-Marshmallow Sticks (the ones for camping)

For the Sterno's: 
We had our leaders place the marshmallow over the sterno. We didn't want a kid to catch their marshmallow on fire and then flick it on someone.

Try this and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Praise Music

I don't know if you are like me when it comes to PRAISE SONGS for kids church. I'm one that loves music that is crazy, fun, exciting and of course songs that PRAISE our Heavenly Father. It's tough to find cool songs. Songs that are not BABYISH (if that's a word). Below I have listed some songs that we sing in my kids church. I hope you enjoy them.

Undefeated - Elevation Kids
Boom - EKG
Nobody Like You - Planetshakers
Dance - Planetshakers
Real Love - Young and Free
Deep Cries Out - Bethel Live
Endless Praise - Planetshakers

If you have any others that I might LOOOOVVEEEEE, let me know.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Prize Shuffle

I've always wanted a "Prize Wheel" spinner, but I always found them too expensive. The bigger the "Prize Wheel" was, the more expensive it was. So... I decided to create my own "Digital Prize Wheel" video that played that kind of same effect. Below is a sample of what I'm talking about.