Monday, September 30, 2013

Using Kids for Video Announcements

One thing that we as KidMin need to do is to involve our kids to be a part of their kids church services. I love using a group of girls that we call "The 3 Blind Mice" for our video announcements. These girls were very shy at first, but as we continued recording weekly, they began to get better. Kids will feel very important if you give them a role or a job. At the same time, they become CREATIVE, trust me they are the ones that are giving me the video announcement ideas. So try using kids to bring your weekly announcements to your kids church and see how it goes. Here are some things that I use to record my video announcements:

-Green Screen
-HD Sony Camera
-Script for the announcements
-Final Cut Pro Video Editing
-Stage Lighting

Thursday, September 26, 2013

1st Time Visitor Bag

Here are somethings that we give to our 1st time visitors:

-Bag with children's ministry logo
-Weekly Activities Brochure
-Find us on Facebook flyer
-Parent Prayer Calendar
-Business Card
-BGMC Box with BGMC info
-Box of Candy ($1 at Deals or Dollar Store)

One thing I truly believe is in PRESENTATION! Make sure you present your children's ministry well. If you have any questions you can contact me at my email address.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Incoming Call from Character

I play a puppet character named "Bob" every Sunday. But they're times when I really don't feel like setting up my puppet stage. I remember seeing a news report on TV one night and got the idea of creating an image that shows Bob hanging out at a country, city or wherever and have him call our kids church or have an adult leader call Bob's cell. Let me tell you something, the kids LOVED IT! I heard kids scream out, "Bob is in my country!" or "Bob is in Chicago?". It was fun and very easy to do. Try it and tell me what you think. These are the things I used to set the atmosphere:

-Picture of your puppet or character
-Background picture of the location
-Use Photoshop
-Incoming call SFX
-Background music (if you want)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Balloon Craze Game

Here is a crazy game we've played in our kids church on a Sunday. It's called "Balloon Craze". What we did is, we had 6 boys and 6 girls go at it to earn team points for their team. The point of the game is to make sure that NO balloons or have least amount of balloons on your side of the room under 3 minutes. The fun part of this game is that kids will get excited, crazy and the best part...tired. We've placed 20 balloons in the middle of the room and at the count of 3 the countdown began. Here is what you will need for this game.

-20 or more balloons
-duct tape or painters tape
-countdown video or stopwatch
-whatever amount of kids you want to play

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wrestling Match Illustration

This past Sunday I had a wrestling match illustration for our kids church. The kids & parents had tons of fun with this crazy illustration. We picked out kids from the audience to come up and act out the following characters; Jesus, Satan and 3 kids to hold up "round" signs (3 temptations) and to top it off with a KO sign. Make it fun and crazy. The goal is for the kids to act out the story while you are reading the story. Try this illustration with your kids church and see how crazy they get. These are the following items you will need.

-PVC Pipe to design the 4 corners of the ring
-100 ft rope 
-Spray paint (1 corner red & 1 corner blue)
-Music we used (Satan - WWE Kane, Jesus - WWE John Cena, Bell Ring FX, and Eye of the Tiger for background music)
-4 Posters (Temptation 1, Temptation 2, Temptation 3 and KO)
-Costumes (Satan - Black cape and lucha libre mask; Jesus - Biblical costume and a wig)
-Add props around the ring such as ladder, trash bins and chairs