Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kids Water Baptism

Here is what I do for a kids water baptism. First of all, we require a 2 day class for an hour. We want to make sure that kids fully understand the commitment they are about to make. I use a curriculum by Brian Dollar called "Should I Be Baptized?". The cost for the curriculum is $14.99, but its good! I'm also in the process of writing my own curriculum for a kids water baptism. Second, we perform the water baptism in kids church. We want other kids to see what other kids are doing and the commitment that their very own friends are making. Thirdly, we give them a nice little gift and certificate to take home. As you see above, we hand them a wristband that says "I Got Baptized!". Kids love it! They go around the church, school, and home showing off their brand NEW wristband.
Let me know how you do your kids water baptism.

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