Sunday, November 3, 2013


Fundraising is one of my favorite things to do. Why? Well, simply because I know that I'm raising money to buy things we need for our children's department . One of the greatest things to hear from your accountant is... "yes!, you have money in your account". Why? because you decided to fundraise that money. I know that if I need to buy new curriculum, I need to find a way to fundraise that money. Face it! we as kids pastor's wish we had tons of money in our account. But, one thing I know is that it feels real good knowing that you are working extra hard to get what you want for your children's department. Here are some simple ideas to fundraise for your children's department.

-Car Wash
-Lemonade stand outside your kids church
-Bake Sale
-Have a cafe (sell cereal, bagels, candy, poptarts, etc...)
-All Nighter's
-Movie Nights
-Parent's Night Out
-Jewelry made by kids
-Donation buckets
-Silent Auctions
-Sell lunch after services
-Spaghetti Dinners or just dinners
-Toy Box Sale
-Garage Sale
-Marathon or Walks

Find a way to be creative!

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