Monday, December 23, 2013

Game: YOINK!

Here is a game we just played this past Sunday in our kids church. I called it "YOINK!" When I was in middle school, we used the word "YOINK" when we took something from someones hands, desk or lunch tray, LOL. In this game, the kids will need to "YOINK!" all the balloons from the other players box. The winner gets points for their team. Each box has a total of 10 balloons attached to them. We are currently making more boxes so we can have a total of 3 players per team. Try it! It is fun watching kids trying to hop around wearing a box. Here is what you will need:

-Boxes (I bought 18"x18"x24")
-Duct Tape (to tape the balloons on box)
-Scissors or knife (to cut the holes on the boxes)

NOTE: Cut one hole on top of each box, two holes for each kids arms and the bottom of the box just stays open.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Offering Challenge

They're times when offering is LOW in kids church. So I decided to be creative and do offering challenges once a month with the kids. What I do is I use 2 adult leaders to participate in the challenge or I have the kids pick the 2 adult leaders. The goal is that each adult leader has their own offering bucket and they must collect as much offering as possible til the end of the month from the kids. My wife and I have done one and of course I lost the challenge. This past month we had 2 of our adult leaders do one and one of them lost and had to drink a nice Happy Meal Blend, Hmmmmmm.
It's a simple thing to do to raise more money in kids church. I found that kids will do anything to see a leader go down and or see they're favorite leader WIN! Try it! Here are some challenges if you need some:

-Happy Meal Blend
-Pink Hair 
-Eat an earthworm
-Eat a cricket
-Eat a pig's ear
-Pied 10 times

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

53 Paper App

I love to draw!! I find myself drawing my ideas on paper, whiteboards, napkins and even my iPad. I found this great app called "53 Paper" for FREE!!! In this app, I'm able to set up 3 notebooks. My notebooks are called, "Church Ideas" "Just for FUN" and "KidsWOW Ideas". So whenever I think of an idea for the main church, I just draw it in my "Church Ideas" notebook. You do need to buy some items if you want, but I use the basics. I know that as a kids pastor, I tend to have ideas that pop up out of nowhere and I need to find somewhere to write it or draw it in. I do carry my iPad around, so I tend to draw instead. Here are some of my "KidsWOW Ideas" notebook drawings.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Let it SNOW!

I wanted to bring a MIDWEST effect to my kids who have never seen snow before. What did I do???? I bought 2 snow machines (not really snow or ice) from, which I believe I spent about $75 for each machine, plus you had to buy the liquid for the machine to work, which cost $25 each. Was it pricy?? No!, It was worth it. Let me tell you this, the boys and girls LOVED IT!! They went CRAZY for the fake snow, LOL! Just hearing kids telling their parent's made my day. It's the Christmas season and since we don't live up North where it snows, that's what I decided to do. Try it! It's really cool.