Monday, December 23, 2013

Game: YOINK!

Here is a game we just played this past Sunday in our kids church. I called it "YOINK!" When I was in middle school, we used the word "YOINK" when we took something from someones hands, desk or lunch tray, LOL. In this game, the kids will need to "YOINK!" all the balloons from the other players box. The winner gets points for their team. Each box has a total of 10 balloons attached to them. We are currently making more boxes so we can have a total of 3 players per team. Try it! It is fun watching kids trying to hop around wearing a box. Here is what you will need:

-Boxes (I bought 18"x18"x24")
-Duct Tape (to tape the balloons on box)
-Scissors or knife (to cut the holes on the boxes)

NOTE: Cut one hole on top of each box, two holes for each kids arms and the bottom of the box just stays open.

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