Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Offering Challenge

They're times when offering is LOW in kids church. So I decided to be creative and do offering challenges once a month with the kids. What I do is I use 2 adult leaders to participate in the challenge or I have the kids pick the 2 adult leaders. The goal is that each adult leader has their own offering bucket and they must collect as much offering as possible til the end of the month from the kids. My wife and I have done one and of course I lost the challenge. This past month we had 2 of our adult leaders do one and one of them lost and had to drink a nice Happy Meal Blend, Hmmmmmm.
It's a simple thing to do to raise more money in kids church. I found that kids will do anything to see a leader go down and or see they're favorite leader WIN! Try it! Here are some challenges if you need some:

-Happy Meal Blend
-Pink Hair 
-Eat an earthworm
-Eat a cricket
-Eat a pig's ear
-Pied 10 times

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