Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Creative Storytelling!

Bringing a story to life to a kid is the most important part in a lesson or sermon. Many times I find myself looking at a mirror, practicing the story that I'm about to teach. I want to make sure that I practice my facial expressions, movements and even the comedy. Here is a great video from a great KIDMIN friend, Matt Guevara. In this video he teaches you how to be a great storyteller. So... have pen and paper ready and oh...make sure you watch all 3 of his videos!! Enjoy.

Click on the link below to watch "Creative Storytelling by Matt Guevara"

Friday, January 24, 2014

My NEW Mid-Week Format

"Ughhh, Wednesday Night!" Have you found yourself not liking midweek service? I know I have. But we (my wife and I) decided to make Wednesday night more interesting. More FUNNER (I know I know, funner is not a word) for the kids.

One thing that we truly noticed is that kids did not like coming to our midweek service. Why? Well, here are some of their reasons.
  • Too boring
  • Book work
  • Reminds them of school
  • Teachers are not excited or their too boring
So what did we do. Well... we decided to RECAP Sunday's lesson every week. We wanted to make sure that our kids were putting to practice what they learned each Sunday. So here's how our format looks like as of now.
  • Fellowship Time with Snacks (nachos, chips, cookies, popcorn, etc...  Once a month we provide the children with a BIG meal like Taco Bell or Pizza)
  • Welcome/Announcements/Prayer
  • 2 Fast Worship Songs
  • Recap of Sunday's Memory Verse (Play a memory verse game)
  • Lesson Recap for 5-10 minutes
  • 15-20 minutes of group games (steal da bacon, dodgeball, kickball, musical chairs, etc)
  • Break into small groups (25-30 minutes)
  • POP Quiz Battle (boyz versus girlz)
I love this format! It works really well for us. It might work for you. Check and see if your kids are happy and enjoying the midweek service. Our jobs are to make sure kids are learning God's Word, I know, but learning God's Word is also FUN! Let me know what you think. Be blessed!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Selling Breakfast to Fundraise

One of the greatest fundraisers we have in our children's ministry department is... our lovely WOW Cafe. It's simple and not that expensive as you may think. We offer every item on our menu for just $1, plus it includes a cup of milk or a cup of juice. The money that we raise will either go to our children's department or in most cases to our BGMC Missionaries throughout the world.

I tend to shop for my items at Costco. I LOVE Costco!!!! Here is what my list looks like.

-Honey Buns: $3.99 for 12 
-Poptarts: $7.99 for 4 big boxes
-Mini Cereal Boxes: $8.99 for 30
-Chips $9.99 for 50 

If you can do the math, you will see that you will be making some money.
I make it clear to my kids that the money that they use in our WOW Cafe will go towards our BGMC Missionaries. Once they know that, they tend to GO CRAZY spending TONS of their money for just that.

So, What do you do to fundraise??