Thursday, January 16, 2014

Selling Breakfast to Fundraise

One of the greatest fundraisers we have in our children's ministry department is... our lovely WOW Cafe. It's simple and not that expensive as you may think. We offer every item on our menu for just $1, plus it includes a cup of milk or a cup of juice. The money that we raise will either go to our children's department or in most cases to our BGMC Missionaries throughout the world.

I tend to shop for my items at Costco. I LOVE Costco!!!! Here is what my list looks like.

-Honey Buns: $3.99 for 12 
-Poptarts: $7.99 for 4 big boxes
-Mini Cereal Boxes: $8.99 for 30
-Chips $9.99 for 50 

If you can do the math, you will see that you will be making some money.
I make it clear to my kids that the money that they use in our WOW Cafe will go towards our BGMC Missionaries. Once they know that, they tend to GO CRAZY spending TONS of their money for just that.

So, What do you do to fundraise??

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