Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Service Flow

Is your "Service Flow" boring or exciting to a kid in your kids church? They say that a child's attention span a short. Here is a couple of things that I have learned about children's attention spans. Children ages 5-6 years old typically can attend to one activity that is of interest to them for around 10-15 minutes at a time and should generally be able to filter out small distractions occurring simultaneously in the environment. They may only be able to attend to an assigned classroom activity for only 5-10 minutes particularly if they find it uninteresting or difficult for them and do not have adult guidance to stay on task. As a guideline some research suggests using a child’s age as a general starting point for the number of minutes a child can attend to a single assigned task…so 5 minutes for a 5 year old, 7 minutes for a 7 year old, etc.

So here is how my "Service Flow" looks like:
  • 3 Minute Countdown (Funny & Exciting)
  • 5-7 Minutes: Praise Songs
  • 3-5 Minutes: Lesson Video Intro
  • 5-10 Minutes: Welcome (shooting silly string to kids), Rules & Quiet Seat
  • 5 Minutes: Video Announcements
  • 5 Minutes: Big Answer Segment (Main Point)
  • 5-7 Minutes: Game
  • 5-7 Minutes: Memory Verse Segment with Puppet
  • 3-4 Minutes: Funny Video Clip of What Kids Will Learn Today
  • 3 Minutes: Memory Verse Challenge Game
  • 4-5 Minutes: Bible Story Video or Theater Acting
  • 10-15 Minutes: Lesson & Altar Call
  • 4 Minutes: Worship Song
  • 10 Minutes: Recap & Pop Quiz (Boys VS Girls)
  • 5 Minutes: Game
  • 2 Minutes: Quiet Seat Prizes and Winners Announced
Offering is collected at the front desk as kids walk in to our kids church.
Let me know what you do in your Service Flow.

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