Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4 Effective Ways Kids Will Remember Scripture

How can a child walk out of kids church and not remember the verse you just taught? We're they paying attention? We're they goofing off? or Did you not present the verse of the week in a memorable way? Here are 4 effective ways that I found that truly help kids remember scripture.

  1. Dramatic : Vocal emphasis when presenting the verse. Know when emphasize your key words in the scripture or verse.
  2. Movements : Use hand motions to get the large group interacting with you. Practice the motions before you go in front of the group. No one likes someone that just wings it.
  3. Sing It : Kids tend to remember their favorite songs of their favorite artist. Try to use a rhythm or beat to go with your verse. Its funny seeing kids sing a verse to their parents after church.
  4. Play a Game : Turn the verse into something fun! We like to do a "Memory Verse Challenge" with the boys and girls. It tends to get a little intense. Games tend to be the one thing that kids go home and talk about to their parents. 

Try these ways and let me know what you think. If you have more effective ways, let me know.
Be blessed!

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