Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Staff Meetings!

Have you ever been to a BORING staff meeting? You know, the ones that last FOREVER! My goal as a kids pastor is to make my meetings fun and meaningful. Here are some of my ideas that I use in my meetings when I meet with my team.

1. TIME : Time is valuable to people. Make sure that everyone is okay with the meeting time. We found that meeting after church works out best for us.

2. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION : Meeting at the church becomes too boring and too old very fast. I found that meeting at my house or somewhere other than the church makes the meeting more exciting and fun. Our next meeting place will take place at Cici's Pizza (Shhhh, don't tell my leaders).

3. BE READY : Make sure that you as the leader are fully prepared with what you are about to say to your volunteers and staff. People do notice when someone is just winging a meeting. Be fully prepared and ready to share your heart and vision. Have notes ready! Make sure they know you mean business.

4. DEVOTIONAL : Share a quick devotion that will bring encouragement to your staff and volunteers. Also open the floor up for prayer request too.

5. FELLOWSHIP : With my staff we tend to play crazy fun games that will bring us closer together. We play boardgames, video games, or even watch a movie together. We take about 45min - 1 hour to hang out and just play. (This to me is very important)

6. REVIEW PAST SERVICES : We take time to review our past services as a team. We see the good and the bad. This helps us get ready for the following services to come. Here we also open up the floor for leaders to give us some of their ideas.

7. CALENDAR : We look at the upcoming events that will be coming up soon. This helps us prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually.

8. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED : Here I get to find out if my leaders have heard of people who are interested in working with our children's ministry. We get to see where we can fit them in and where to place them.

9. FOOD : Food makes people happy. I tend to grill hot dogs or burgers for my leaders. It's easy and affordable. If you mention food, people will come.

10. ENCOURAGE : Make sure that when you end your meeting, you encourage each leader personally. When you take your time in your meeting to encourage each person, it becomes meaningful to that individual.

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