Thursday, May 29, 2014

7 Ways to Appreciate Your Leaders

As Kids Pastors, we usually don't get a big hurraaaa!!! or a "Great Job!", but we all know that the reason we do kids ministry is because God has chosen us to do so. They're times that we feel that we are unappreciated or not important. Here's a question for you... Do you do the same to the people who are underneath you or work for you? Do they feel unappreciated or not important? I hope not! Here are 7 ways I express my appreciation to my lovely staff and volunteers.

  1. Phone Call: People love receiving phone calls, it makes them feel important.
  2. Written Letter or Card: If they see that you have hand written a letter to them, they will know that you actually spent sometime thinking about them.
  3. Text message: Simple and sweet! Don't make it tooooooooooo llllooooonnnnggggggg!
  4. Personally: Thanking them face-to-face.
  5. On Stage: A quick shout out on a Sunday morning from the pulpit means a lot.
  6. Party: Throw a special appreciation party for them.
  7. Social Media:  Thousands of people go on social media. Use it to thank your staff on there!

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