Sunday, September 28, 2014

Game: Bandana Snatch

Here is a great game that we play at my kids church, it's called "Bandana Snatch". Bandana Snatch is almost like "Capture the Flag", but with each player having a bandana inside their back pocket. Kids are divided into 2 teams. Each team stands opposite from each other. When the leader gives the signal, it's ATTACK MODE! Let me tell you, kids love this game so much. Every week I have kids come to me asking if we can play this game. Here is what you will need for this crazy game.

  • 5-10 Red bandanas and 5-10 blue bandanas
  • Make sure bandanas are visible 
  • Crazy Battle Music
  • You can do boys vs girls or girls vs girls and boys vs boys
  • Boundaries (depends how big your room is or how many kids are playing)

Make sure you also explain to your kids not be rough with each other!!! Have fun!
Oh! and kids love seeing their KidMin Leaders and Pastors go at it too.

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