Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Segment : Science with Dr. Lafsalot

Kids are something else. They are not dumb! If you keep the same old order of service every week, they will tend to get bored and they will actually write down word for word the order of service you have planned for them that day. I have had kids come to me telling me about children's pastors who have done the same old stuff in the past and even leaders have said the same thing.

I actually like to change things up every week. This week we ended up introducing our brand NEW characters; Dr. Lafsalot and his sidekick Charlie. Dr. Lafsalot is a scientist who comes out and explains the main point of the service by using SCIENCE!! He uses his amazing experiments to bring the main point across our kids. Charile in the other hand, is the goofy assistant who messes things up or tries to protect the kids from Dr. Lafsalot's experiments.

Kids truly enjoyed this segment this past Sunday. The videos below is a little snip it of Dr. Lafsalot and Charlie. Enjoy!

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