Friday, October 3, 2014

Visitor Gift Card

Every Monday morning as I walk into my office, after I grab a nice cup of hot coffee, the first thing I focus on is following up on our visitors. I write letters after letters and pray over each visitor and their families. But not only do I send them a letter, No no noooooo... I send them a "gift card". This "gift card" allows them to receive a free gift when they comeback and visit us again. This gift can be a box of candy, a toy, a shirt or whatever you can afford. I usually hand out a delicious box of candy which cost $1 at the dollar store.

We have seen kids comeback not just to receive their free gift, but because kids had an awesome experience at our kids church. On this post, I just wanted to share what we send to our visitors on the daily basis.

FYI: We do hand our visitors a visitor bag that is full of information for their parents and a small gift when they arrive for the first time. The letter and gift card is a "net" to bring them back the following Sunday to kids church.

What do you do?

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