Wednesday, May 20, 2015

System Update!

Update??? What do you mean UPDATE??? When I say "System Update", I don't mean rebooting your computer and updating all your software or programs. I simply mean... are we updating our videos, slides, bumpers, front desk, visitor forms, visitor gifts, etc...

I'm the type of guy that likes to UPDATE my kids church every 6 months. I dislike seeing the same old same old. Same old order of service, same old music, same old front desk, same old same old. Agghhhhh!!!

If I dislike it and I notice it, then I know that our kids in kids church see it too. Don't get me wrong, somethings do work, but somethings need to go! We need to UPDATE!

Lately I've been using the same old bumpers for our Memory Verse Exercise, Memory Verse Challenge, POP Quiz, etc... So, this past week, I decided to change the name of our Memory Verse Exercise to Power Verse Exercise, Memory Verse Challenge to Power Verse Battle. I didn't just change the name, I changed the bumper video too. I made it look FRESH. Our front desk has changed too! Our Point System is NEXT. Change is COMING!!!

Change is a good thing! We need to do some SYSTEM UPDATES in our kids churches. Kids get bored seeing the same old things over and over again. Ask your kids what they would like to see. 

Below are 2 picture of my NEW look for Power Verse Exercise and Power Verse Battle.

What are some changes you doing in your kids church??

Friday, May 8, 2015

Game : Xtreme Balloon Lift

Number of Players: 5-10 or even more

# of Balloons: Use double of the amount of balloons than kids that will be participating. (Example: 5 kids = 10 balloons, 6 kids = 12 balloons, etc...)

Goal: Keep the balloons up in the air for a minute long. Once the balloon touches the ground, that balloon is out. Kids may NOT hit the same balloon for a minute. Kids must rotate balloons. When the clock STOPS, count the remaining balloons that are left. Winner is given points, candy or whatever you give to the winners.