Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Game: Sword Drill

I spoke to a KidMin Buddy this past week and he reminded me of the importance of making sure that our kids in church are learning the books of the Bible and where they are located in the Bible.

We are living in a media driven world. Our kids have technology in the palm of their hands.  It's so easy to click on a Bible app and just search for the book and it's reference. But what if you give a kid a real paperback Bible?? Would they know where to find the books?

So here is a game to play with your kids in church.  SWORD DRILL!  All you need is a Bible.
At my kids church, we played boys versus girls and had 6 rounds. Each round consisted of a scripture reference. See below for some examples. When the leader said "GO!", a kid from each team will run from point a to point b where 2 Bibles are located on top of a table. As soon as they get there, they flip through the Bible to find the scripture reference. When scripture reference found, kid will hit the buzzer and win the round. Simple!!!

Let's help our kids know where the books of the Bible are. Thanks Josh Dryer for the reminder!


  1. Is there any way that you would share these graphics?

  2. Is there any way that you would share these graphics?

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